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Mayaland Dark Roast Ground Coffee 12 oz ROJO (Pack of 2) - Café ROJO

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Mayaland Dark Roast Ground Coffee 12 oz ROJO - Café ROJO

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Rojo is a blend of coffee with a medium dark roast. It comes exclusively from volcanic soils and the coffee growing regions of Antigua and Acatenango.   
Bold and intense with notes of chocolate and caramel. 
Cup Profile 
When Hot: Rojo starts with notes of cherry and plums on the surface and a strawberry-like acidity complemented by subtle dark chocolate notes and a buttery texture. 
As it Cools Down: Rojo becomes balanced, accentuating notes of chocolate and caramel on the surface. The initial acidity starts mellowing down into syrupy notes of spiced rum and a rich aftertaste with notes of vanilla, cinnamon and dry apples.

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