delicious international candies that can be shipped to your door

Best International Candies You Can Buy Online

Travelling is fun and exciting because you get to taste a variety of food and the best part is candy. The first stop for a traveler is usually a supermarket to try new and different snacks. 

However, traveling is expensive and, with all the restrictions, it might not be a worthy option. 

Luckily, you have another option to enjoy your treats, which is online shopping. You get to select and choose a variety of sweets without ever leaving your house. And with Guate Direct, you can enjoy delicious international candies that can be shipped to your door. Read ahead as we get to discover the different global candies.

Delicious International Candies that can be Shipped to Your Door

  • Green tea Kit Kat Bar

  • Kita Kat is a beloved brand in the United States. As a result, it is available in most stores, and we have to agree it is a satisfying treat. Green tea kit kat is from Japan. It is added with their traditional sweet matcha green flavor that gives it its great taste.

    Bali’s Best Latte Candy

    Bali is a beautiful country known for its beautiful beaches. In addition, they have the best treats. Bali latte candy is filled with rich, creamy flavor and coffee. They are a delightful snack.

    Cadbury Chocolate Bars

    Cadbury is a well-known brand from the United Kingdom. The Cadbury chocolate bars are in an assorted box of 10 full-sized bars with the most beloved picks.

    Pelon Pelo Rico

    This delightful snack contains 36 pieces of tamarind flavored gel from Mexico.


    The name Korova means little cow in Russia. Korova is candy made from condensed milk, sugar, and butter with a unique texture. It tastes like caramel but has a unique Russian twist.

    Top International Snacks to Buy

    • Lazzaroni Amaretti

    These special biscuits come from Italy, offering an exquisite taste.

    • Stroopwafels

    Stroopwafels come from Dutchland. They are thin waffle layers filled with syrup. Try these with a cup of black coffee or tea.

    • Chestnut Spread

    You can find chestnuts spread anywhere in France. It has a unique taste, and it can be enjoyed with toast, crepes, or acts as a side for your ice cream. The taste of this bread spread, and you will long forget about your peanut butter jar.

    • Locum

    Locums are colorful sugar cubes created in Turkey. They are said to soothe the throat and are very tasty.


    • Flavoured Almond Cake

    To those who love gluten-free products, this snack may best suit your diet. It is made from three ingredients, namely eggs, butter, and almonds.

    4 Snacks From Around the World that You Must Try

    Different countries have different culinary flavors. Below are some of the best snacks around the world:

    • Arepas

    Arepas are made from corn and filled with eggs, cheese, veggies, and grilled meat or chicken. They are great for breakfast or afternoon snacks as they are filling.

    • Samosas

    You can find samosas anywhere in India, Pakistan, or even Africa. They are sweet triangular and contain minced meat, vegetables, or lentils.

    • Loukoumades

    Loukoumades are yummy balls of fried dough sprinkled with honey. You can find them in Turkey, Greece, or the Middle East.


    • Coxinhas

    Coxinhas are readily available anywhere in Brazil. They are tasty croquettes filled with chicken or, you may opt for the cheese.

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