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Tiktok Famous: Get Your Dely Gely Fruit Jellies Now!

You probably wouldn't know about the tasty snack jelly fruit candy if it weren't for the internet. They're another viral sensation that started on store shelves and is now featured in trendy TikTok videos, similar to the Carpool Karaoke microphone and Squishmallows. "Haven't jelly fruit candy TikToks been around for a while?" you might wonder.

Jaden Sprinz, a 22-year-old comedian and TikTok star known for his naturally elongated, vampire-like incisors, went to a 99-cent store in early December searching for Christmas decorations. He came across a bag of oversized gummy fruit candies in neon packaging while browsing the aisles. He revealed on his YouTube channel, "I was like dude, I've gotta snag those." "I was just thinking, 'Wow, these are strange.' I'm kind of lusting after them." He only purchased one bag. Two months later, the identical bag of gummies Sprinz had bought for under a dollar—Ju-C Fruity's Jello Bags by the California-based Din-Don Foods Corp.—was out of stock at every store in the area. Scalpers were selling individual bags for more than $50 on eBay.

Thanks to Sprinz's TikTok channel, the gummies had gone viral. Sprinz began filming himself trying the gummies for a series of movies. He bit into various objects to establish that his teeth were real. The gummies, which had been lurking at the back of his cabinet since that excursion to the 99-cent store, appeared to be a nice fit. Unlike other fruit sweets, they were multi-colored gelatin wrapped in fruit-shaped plastic, unlike other fruit sweets, and they were supposed to be torn open and slurped out of the casing. Still, Sprinz opted to video himself puncturing the casing with his teeth. In a YouTube video, Sprinz revealed, "The jelly flew out and it kind of startled me. However, the video went on to do quite well. And every comment I got was, ‘What are these candies?’ ‘What are these candies?’ ‘Do more of them,’ they said. As a result, I was like, OK."

Sprinz continued to publish videos of himself biting into the enormous gummies, and a game he termed "Hit or Miss" sprang from it—basically a benign version of Russian roulette. Like a large-format Gusher, the jelly casing pops and, depending on the trajectory of the filling, either splatters goo all over the floor or leaves you with a mouthful of pleasantly sweet fruit-flavored gelatin.

Others joined in the fun, and a viral phenomenon was formed. "It's almost as if this sweet was a treasure trove.” Sprinz stated, "If you got this candy, you were assured thousands of views."

Sprinz stated that he is now having difficulty locating the candies and that everyone else is experiencing the same difficulty. The bags are now on backorder from candy maker Ford Emporium until April (at the cost of $7 per bag). Do you wish to get your hands on them as soon as possible? Scalpers are asking $14 and above for the candy on eBay.

Every Hit or Miss has the elegance of a three-act play: the build-up to the bite, the big event, and the aftermath. It's the ideal premise for a TikTok video, which may last up to 60 seconds. And the videos were gaining Sprinz views and followers—he had 4.9 million on TikTok at the time. Within a week or two, TikTok was flooded with copycat videos of people biting into the candy. "Hit or Miss" became a viral fad, a subsection of the well-established genre of people eating strange things for online viewers, and a continuation of Gallagher's "food is funny especially when it explodes" type of humor.

When the jellies came, the staff in the test kitchen played our version of Hit or Miss. Biting into the gummies is a strange sensation. Either the plastic breaks and a rush of pleasantly sweet fruit-flavored jelly rushes into your mouth, or you lose the majority of the contents of the bag in a large splash of goo on the floor. It's not the most effective way to consume candy. But what about a counterpoint? It's a lot of fun.

In the year 2021, Dely Gely fruit jellies are popular. Dely Gely is still "hitting" the #ForYou pages on TikTok, some of the most popular compilations to watch are still "hitting" our #ForYou pages on TikTok. It's always fun to watch what customers come up with, whether they've done the challenge before or are now getting their hands on gelatinas de frutas, which is now available on Guate Direct at 

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