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The History of 7 Traditional Guatemalan Gourmet Dishes

For many years, Guatemala has been a country of tradition and culture. In the old days, this was especially true because most people lived in rural areas and were farmers. Guatemalan cuisine is deeply rooted in ancient Mayan traditions. 

That includes corn-based dishes such as tamales and tortillas; meat dishes like Pollo en mole poblano (chicken with sauce); seafood like shrimp ceviche; soups such as Sopa de res (beef soup) and Sopa de caracol (snails soup). Many of these traditional Guatemalan gourmet dishes are still eaten today!

Today, many Guatemalan gourmet dishes are still staples in the country. Even though modern times have brought a variety of new foods to Guatemala, for most people, it will always be their comfort food that they look forward to eating at home or attending one of the traditional Guatemalan gourmet festivals held throughout the year. Guatemalan main products include pork, rice, beef, cheese tortillas, and beans. If you are interested in trying these Guatemalan dishes, check out Guate Direct, as it can be delivered straight to your doorstep.

Read below as we discuss the seven different Guatemala gourmet dishes that are loved.

7 Traditional Guatemalan Gourmet Dishes

  1. Chicken pepian

This recipe is perfect if you love spicy food. It's a traditional dish from Guatemala. It uses chicken to make the broth base with peppers and onions, and other spices like cumin, coriander seed powder, garlic cloves, and paprika or smoked chili pepper flakes. The final product results in something very similar to Indian butter chicken (Murgh makhani).

This delicious meal includes all of your favorite spices that are combined perfectly so that you can enjoy this treat any time!


  1. Kaki

Kaki, a traditional Q'eqchi' Guatemalan dish made from turkey and spices, has quite a history. The origins go back to a hundred years ago when this ethnic group prepared it in the same way they do today!


  1. Pupusas

You can find pupusas everywhere in Guatemala. They are made from thick corn tortillas stuffed with beans, cheese, or pork, then fried till the outside is crisp. They are a great snack when traveling to fill you up.


  1. Empanadas

Empanadas are crispy pastries filled with vegetables, potatoes and covered in toppings such as guacamole, tomatoes, & onions.


  1. Hilachas

Guatemalan cuisine, hilacha, is a mix of meat and onion in tomato sauce. At the same time, some regions add potatoes or chayote squash to their version of the dish.


  1. Revolcado 

It is a delicious curry stew found in Guatemala. The products used in the Guatemalan gourmet are:

  • A pig's head
  • Bell peppers
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Chiles

The thickening of the sauce used for this dish is made possible by cornflour. This cuisine blends dishes from both Spanish and indigenous cultures together into something new!


  1. Desayuno Tradicional

Desayuno Tradicional is a hearty breakfast that will give you the energy to get through your day. A delicious mixture of scrambled eggs with onion and tomato, avocado, mashed beans, stewed plantains, and tortillas.

These traditional gourmet dishes have been around since ancient times, and when visiting this country, you should not miss out on tasting one! Don't worry if you want to get your hands on these delicious foods but live too far away from Guatemala City. We can help. 

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