How Menthol Eases Arthritis Pain

Have you ever held ice over an injury to ease the pain? Well, menthol can ease arthritis pain for similar reasons, and Guate Direct is here to explain how this is possible. Anyone who has used menthol understands that it contains cooling properties and these properties become very apparent no matter how you use it. Menthol contains peppermint oil, which comes from plants, and it is produced artificially with chemicals, but it can also be extracted naturally. The peppermint within menthol is what causes the cooling sensation that you feel when you apply it topically. That is why it is very good for arthritis. More studies are coming out about how menthol eases arthritis pain much better than over-the-counter menthol ointment for inflammation. Our team is excited to share what menthol can do for those struggling with arthritis because we hope you can just use menthol instead of OTC ointment for arthritis or any other medicine that you are trying to get rid of pain.

Effective Use For How Menthol Eases Arthritis Pain 

It is important to know how to apply menthol to the skin, so you can be certain that it is going to cure your arthritis pain:

  1. Make sure your hands are washed thoroughly with soap and water before you apply anything.
  2. Wipe down the area you were going to apply the menthol so your skin is not covered with lotion or anything else.
  3. Make sure your hands are dry before touching the menthol so nothing is mixed together.
  4. Rub a layer of menthol on the area you desire and make sure that it is thin.
  5. Rub the topical gel or cream generously into the area so the skin can absorb it easily. We do not recommend applying your topical gel or cream more than four times a day because the skin does not need that much menthol.
  6. Wash your hands again so that they are not affected by the menthol.

There are a lot of cooling properties in menthol, so you will likely not want your hands to feel this. Menthol will feel amazing on your arthritis pain.

More Benefits 

There are many more benefits to menthol than using it for arthritis pain. Menthol can ease many different types of pain, such as sore throat, sinus problems, infections, and more. You can even use menthol as an ointment for back pain. Some people use Chinese medicine for inflammation, Chinese ointment for pain, and more when all they need to do is apply menthol to the skin.

Simple Results 

One of the best things about menthol is that you will feel the results instantly. Instead of waiting for the pain to subside with Chinese muscle treatment or Chinese balm for pain, the menthol will immediately cool down any information and provide you with a sense of relief so you do not have to suffer.

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Arthritis pain is real, and Guate Direct knows how you can treat it with menthol. That is why we explain how menthol eases arthritis pain, so you can take care of the pain you are experiencing. Call or visit us today for more information about menthol.

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