How to use a tortilla press without sticking

How to Use a Tortilla Press and Make Perfect Tortillas Every Time

A tortilla presser from Guate Direct is an excellent alternative to a rolling pin and is much quicker, less messy, and makes uniform tortillas. It uses leverages to press small chunks of dough into tortillas. This makes it easy to cook the tortillas. Also, the tortillas are of uniform thickness and are less likely to fall apart or crack.  

You need masa the tortilla dough to make tortillas. Buy the flour or ready-made dough from the store. For a tasty traditional taste, buy dough or masa prepared from ground corn, and read on to find out how to use a tortilla press without sticking.

How to use a tortilla press without sticking?

  • You need two squares of plastic or waxed paper to prevent the tortillas from sticking to the press.
  • Cut the waxed paper into squares large enough to cover the base of your press.
  • Place one piece of square paper on the base plate. Next go ahead and place a ball of dough on top of the waxed paper.
  • Use the other square of waxed paper to cover the dough.
  • Now lower the top plate onto your dough.
  • Use the handle to press the dough firmly.
  • Now grab and flip the two pieces of waxed paper with the tortilla in between.
  • Press the tortillas again.
  • Gently remove the waxed papers from the tortilla. It is now ready for cooking.
  • Proceed to cook as you desire. When done, keep your tortillas warm by wrapping them in a tortilla warmer or cloth towel.
  1. How to make thin tortillas with a tortilla press

  • Put your dough inside a zip lock

You need a nonstick covering when pressing your dough using a tortilla presser. It should also be thick to avoid forming crinkles and folds. Crinkles cut dough into two as they get thin.

  • Rotate your dough 90 degrees and press again

After the first press, rotate your tortilla 90 degrees and press again. Keep turning to get different angles that will help make the tortillas thinner.

  • Increase the amount of water in your dough

Loose dough with lots of water produces less resistance when pressing down the tortilla press. Start by making watery dough and then add a little masa until your dough becomes workable.

  • Use small balls of dough.

For thinner tortillas, use more petite balls of dough. Small dough produces less resistance when pressing using a tortilla press. This makes it easy to press the dough into thin tortillas.

  1. Do you heat a tortilla press?

Most presses are used to press small dough into a flat round tortilla. Place your dough between two sheets of waxed plastic wraps and press it into a tortilla. Then, place the tortilla in a skillet and bake it on the stove. Once it cooks on one side, cook the other side.

However, an electrical tortilla presser can handle more tasks than just making tortilla wraps. They are more straightforward and fast to use. Just plug in the presser and place your ball of dough. The machine will press and bake your tortilla at the same time.

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If you want super thin round tortillas, you need to consider investing in a tortilla presser. It is a worthy investment that makes it easy. Get in touch with Guate Direct for the best deals in town.

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