Nazaret Nursery - Guatedirect Community

Nazaret Nursery - Guatedirect Community

It is a project that was born in 1982 and is under the responsibility of "Las Hermanas Sagrada Familia de Spoleto" - "The Holy Family Sisters of Spoleto" who "attentive to the signs of the times" have been discovering the needs of the population where their mission is located and aware of these situations family, social and economic of the families that live in the marginal urban area of zone 18 in the capital city o Guatemala. Our philosophy, vision and mission arises to carry out our project and thus support the families through the children.


  • Provide a pre-primary education program that is based on the needs and problems of preschool-age children in the sectors served by the project.
  • Provide the child with the necessary elements that allow him / her a comprehensive training.
  • Accompany the children in their process so that they can achieve their maturity and learning in the aspects: physical, affective, intellectual and psychological with a Christian ecological worldview that allow them to succeed in the environment that they have to live and cultivate in themselves the desire to improve it.
  • Promote reciprocal communication to make belonging to the nursery an authentic experience of Nazarene familiarity.
  • Foster a journey of faith, through fundamental values ​​such as: Understanding, Sharing, Solidarity, cooperation, Obedience, Honesty, Respect, Tolerance, Commitment, Responsibility
  • Provide a comprehensive Health program: where the child is offered the opportunity to grow up healthy and strong by eating a balanced diet, together with a medical-sanitary control.

Our Project has had and continues to have clear objectives, and they are the care and support of the children of low-income families in the neighborhoods and settlements where our evangelizing mission is located for 41 years, it seeks to support with food of children who suffer from malnutrition, educate, and promote their integral development; as well as the accompaniment and training in the “parents school” for the parents who belong to the project, keeping the openness for other parents who wish to join the group and who struggle to find adequate ways to guide their children and achieve a transformation in the home-family and in the community.

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