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Mother Day in Guatemala

Mother's Day is a holiday that is celebrated in much of the world, on different dates of the year, depending on the country. In Guatemala it takes place on May 10.

The origin of this commemoration converges, on the one hand, with the Catholic religious celebrations that take place during the month in honor of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, and, on the other, with those of spring in the northern hemisphere, which celebrates to the flowers

The event:
In Catholic saints, December 8 is the feast of the Immaculate Conception, a date that Catholics adopted for the celebration of Mother's Day.

In England, around the 17th century, a similar event took place, also related to the Virgin, which was called Mother's Sunday.

Children attended mass and returned home with gifts for their mothers. In addition, since many people worked for wealthy people and did not have the opportunity to be at home, that Sunday they were given the day off to visit their families.

Additionally, it should be noted that according to the Labor Code of the Republic of Guatemala, it decrees: Article 1 – Mother's Day is decreed on May 10 of each year. Article 2 – Working mothers at the service of the State or private companies, will enjoy a holiday with salary payment on May 10.

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