Tortrix Lemon 6.35 oz - Limon Paquete Familiar

Tortrix Lemon corn tortilla chips are a zesty snack that is likely to become a favorite of the whole family. These corn tortilla chips are made with high quality ingredients. These corn chips are wider and thinner than some of the other leading corn chip brands. This difference in size gives Tortrix Lemon corn tortilla chips a lighter taste and allows them to hold just the right amount of your favorite salsa, cheese sauce, or other chip dip. These unique corn tortilla chips have just the right hint of lemon flavor without the lemon taste becoming too overpowering. With this convenient 12 pack, you will be able to enjoy the savory goodness of these unique chips both at home, at work, and when you are on the go. These individual bags are perfect for bringing to large parties, picnics, or family gatherings. Consider these tasty chips next time you are asked to bring a snack for your child's classroom at school. With their crunchy texture and refreshing lemon flavor these distinctive corn tortilla chips are sure to please a crowd.

Snack o Boquita , hecha a partir de harina de maíz nixtamalizada, luego frita y sazonado con limon.