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Malher Stewed Meat Mix 1.41 oz - Carne Guisada

Malher Stewed Meat Mix 1.41 oz - Carne Guisada

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When you want a savory flavor in your meal, add Malher Stewed Meat Mix. This is a product that is ideal for crock pot recipes that involve stew beef. You want to add the mix as the meat is cooking. Avoid using the seasoning when you first put the meat in the crock pot as it might not seal into the pieces. Malher Stewed Meat Mix has delicate flavors of onion powder, garlic and slight hints of chili. However, these flavors combine to give a final taste of beef stew. Add a few potatoes to the stew for a filling meal. There are few calories in the seasoning, and the sodium content is low. Other ingredients in the stew mix include beef extract, paprika and corn starch that helps to thicken the stew. There is no fat in the seasoning and no fiber. The mix is best used with beef as it will absorb the flavors better than pork or chicken.

Es ideal para las recetas del pote de la olla que implican la carne del guisado.

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