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Malher Tomato Beef Bouillon 0.35 oz - Consome de Tomate Res

Malher Tomato Beef Bouillon 0.35 oz - Consome de Tomate Res

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Many delicious meals can be prepared with the help of Malher Tomato Beef Bouillon. Imagine the two delicious flavors of beef broth and tomato soup combined in one product that makes cooking great meals easy and inexpensive. This combined seasoning makes a great addition to various beef dishes for extra flavor. Malher Tomato Beef Bouillon also does wonderful things with pasta to create a filling, tasty casserole or stew that everyone will love. Tomato beef bouillon that is made of quality ingredients saves time and money as a food seasoning. Instead of buying beef and tomatoes separately, cooking them, and then combining them, these two great foods have been processed for you as a low-cost flavoring that can improve the taste of many bland dishes. Bouillon of this type can be served as a soup by itself. It can also be kept on hand for a dash of flavor in simmering stews or skillet meals. With a little creativity, tomato beef bouillon can make meals more exciting than ever.

Hace cosas maravillosas con pasta para crear un relleno, sabrosa cazuela o estofado que a todos les encantará.

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