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Malher Toki Mix 0.28 oz - Surtido

Malher Toki Mix 0.28 oz - Surtido

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Malher Toki Mix is a drink mix that is artificially flavored. It has a slight citrus taste, but you can mix it with other beverages to create a new drink. The mix contains Vitamin C, making it something that is a healthier option than sodas. There is a small amount of fruit pulp in the mix. You can store the Malher Toki Mix in a cabinet until you are ready to make more. It is low in sugar content and carbohydrates. If you want a different way to make the beverage, then pour the prepared drink into ice trays. When it freezes, add it to water or another beverage to create blended flavors. Another way to use the product is to add it to other beverages when making a punch for a special event. It's something easy for children to make when they get home from school, and you can make any amount that you want since it's in a powder form.

Mezcla de bebidas que está artificialmente aromatizada.

La mezcla contiene vitamina C.

Bajo en contenido de azúcar y carbohidratos.

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