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Malher Shrimp Bouillon 7 oz - Consome de Camaron

Malher Shrimp Bouillon 7 oz - Consome de Camaron

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Bring a little seafood taste to your dishes with Malher Shrimp Bouillon. This is a simple ingredient to use in various dishes, but it has a lot of flavor. There is a slight salty flavor, but if you use butter or cream with the Malher Shrimp Bouillon, then it can help in taming the saltiness. The ingredient is one that can be used to give a taste of shrimp if you don't want to use whole shrimp. It is ideal on a salad if you blend it with mayonnaise or another kind of dressing that doesn't have a lot of added flavors. Use this with rice for an Asian taste. The bouillon has a prominent flavor of shrimp and doesn't need to be mixed with other meats. A little garlic and onion are ideal for additional seasonings to add before using the ingredient with a recipe. There are several possibilities in using the bouillon, and you can easily store it in a cabinet or refrigerator when it's not in use.

Utilice esto con arroz para un gusto asiático.

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