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Adamed Chineese Menthol Ointment - Mentol Chino

Adamed Chineese Menthol Ointment - Mentol Chino

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Adamed Chinese Menthol ointment relieves influenza and cold related headache effectively. The ointment is equally helpful in the treatment of insect bites and dermatitis. Menthol ointment comprises of mint oil extracts and is a mild pain reliever. When applied on the skin, the balm usually provides a cooling sensation. You can also massage the body with adamed Chinese menthol ointment to ease joint or minor muscle pains. You, however, should not apply menthol ointment on the sore skin, or immediately after a bath. Since menthol ointment provides a cooling sensation after massaging, people usually use it as an anesthetic agent. When you have dermatitis, you may apply the Chinese menthol ointment 3-4 times daily. The Chinese ointment can also treat nasal congestion and sore throat. There are Chinese menthol ointment users who like to rub it together with warm water as a relief for muscle pains. In case of cold symptoms, the ointment may be put in a cup of hot water. After you inhaling the menthol vapor, the ointment user's crowded nasal passages are unblocked.

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