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PHARMADEL - Ung. Artridon

Artridon Analgesic Ointment 4oz - Pomada Analgesica

Artridon Analgesic Ointment 4oz - Pomada Analgesica

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Artridon Analgesic Ointment is a popular remedy for helping relieve the pains of arthritis. Artridon Analgesic Ointment can easily be applied the affected area. Life is demanding with little room or time for downtime. When you feel the arthritis pain coming on, don't hesitate to reach for Artridon.

La crema proporciona calor local y relajación, y aumenta la circulación sanguínea.

Ayuda a aliviar dolor de artritis, dolor en las articulaciones, dolor muscular, inflamación.

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