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Asepxia Soap Forte 4 oz - Jabon Fuerte

Asepxia Soap Forte 4 oz - Jabon Fuerte

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If you struggle with chronic acne breakouts due to excess oil buildup but have trouble with many over-the-counter treatments that tend to dry out your skin, Asepxia Soap Forte is the perfect treatment to meet your particular skin care needs. This uniquely formulated skin care soap contains Cocamidopropil, a powerful ingredient that helps to safely remove deeply penetrated oils while keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized. This gentle yet effective soap is highly recommended as an ideal treatment for acne and blackheads, as its potent ingredients penetrate the skin and eliminate excess oils. To use, simply wet the soap to create a lather and massage the lather gently into the face, neck and any other area of the skin that is affected by acne or blackheads. Rinse the areas with water and pat the skin dry. The ingredients will then penetrate the skin and work from the inside out. Asepxia Soap Forte should be used morning and night for optimal results.

Exfolia suavemente la piel sin dañarla.

Elimina puntos negros.

Combate imperfecciones.

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