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Asepxia Soap Moisturizing (purple) 3.53 oz - Jabon Humectante Morado

Asepxia Soap Moisturizing (purple) 3.53 oz - Jabon Humectante Morado

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If your skin is in need of extra moisture, Asepxia Soap Moisturizing (purple) contains several moisturizing ingredients such as glycolic acid, glycerin and Sodium chloride that work to hydrate the skin while removing dirt and oils that can cause acne and blackheads. The essential moisturizers in this gentle soap penetrate the skin and encourage healthy skin cell renewal, allowing for a fresh, youthful and rejuvenated appearance. While this soap is designed to moisturize, it also rinses clean and leaves no residue. To use, wet the bar and massage the lather in a circular motion on the face and any problem dry areas of the body such as the back, feet and elbows. If your skin is acne-prone, take extra time massaging into the facial skin to allow the ingredients to penetrate. This soap is gentle enough for daily use and works best when used in the morning and evening. Asepxia Soap Moisturizing (purple) is an ideal skin care treatment for dry and combination skin.

Favorece la humectación de la piel, no reseca.

Nutre la piel.

Ayuda a eliminar y prevenir imperfecciones.

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