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B&B Jamaica Flower Concentrate 23oz - Rosa de Jamaica

B&B Jamaica Flower Concentrate 23oz - Rosa de Jamaica

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Are you looking for a fast, yummy, flavorful, refreshing drink that is good for you? Rosa de Jamaica is a drink concentrate made with natural fruit, that is fast, easy, and refreshing when combined with water. It is made from the Jamaica hibiscus flower and is tart, but jam-packed with flavor! It is a drink concentrate that benefits the digestive system, helps to lower cholesterol, can act as a laxative, and contains vitamin C. Rosa de Jamaica is a great drink that the whole family will love! Help your spouse, children, and friends lower their cholesterol and get a dose of Vitamin C by adding water to ByB's Rosa de Jamaica concentrate and sharing the love!

Elaborados a base de fruta 100% natural. Se encuentran en sabores exquisitos de frutos nacionales y son los favoritos para combinar con cualquier comida sana. Estas bebidas concentradas son formas rápidas, sanas y deliciosas.

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