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B&B Worcestershire Sauce 5.36oz - Salsa Inglesa

B&B Worcestershire Sauce 5.36oz - Salsa Inglesa

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ByB's Salsa Inglesa is great dipping sauce for a big, juicy steak. It can also be used to marinate your steak or other meats before cooking them to help tenderize the meat while also jamming it full of flavor! ByB Worcestershire sauce is not only popular as a steak and meat marinate, but is also used for vinaigrettes and dressings. This versatile, tangy sauce is a needed addition to your usual kitchen sauces.

No contiene grasas trans. Sazonador y realzador de sabor para carnes. Puede utilizarla en marinados. Acompañamiento en comidas: ceviche, chao-mein, vegetales, carnes.

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