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Bedoyecta Adult 30 Caps - Suplemento Multivitaminico para Adultos

Bedoyecta Adult 30 Caps - Suplemento Multivitaminico para Adultos

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Bedoyecta Adult multivitamin tablets contain the full spectrum of B-vitamins including folic acid. The B-vitamins work together to help convert foods into fuel, allowing for increased energy and focus. These vitamins also contain rutin, a bioflavonoid that assists in the production of collagen, a natural substance found in the body that is responsible for healthy skin and tissues. Each tablet also contains iron, an important mineral that aids in circulation and assists oxygen traveling from the lungs through the entire body. While iron is found in red meats and quickly absorbed by the body, vegetarians and individuals who limit red meat consumption are at risk for developing an iron deficiency. This multivitamin safely replaces iron on a daily basis, allowing for optimal iron storage in the body. When taken on a daily basis in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet, this supplement can help to strengthen the immune system and enhance natural energy levels. Bedoyecta Adult multivitamin tablets work best when taken once daily with water and food.

Las vitaminas B trabajan juntas para ayudar a convertir los alimentos en combustible, permitiendo una mayor energía y concentración.

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