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Bedoyecta Complex B Extra Strength - Complejo B

Bedoyecta Complex B Extra Strength - Complejo B

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Bedoyecta Complejo B Extra Fuerte is a supplement that can help with your energy level. The Complex B vitamin supplement is packed with all the B vitamins our body needs to efficiently form red blood cells. The complex mixture of B vitamins can also help with anxiety and depression. It can help ladies through PMS symptoms. Bedoyecta Complex B Extra Strength helps lower risk of heart disease and stroke while improving memory, skin health, and your immune system. It helps you get all the B vitamins you need to kick start your energy in one vial!

Used for people who need to reach maximum strength and energy levels. Recommended for athletes and young people who are growing. Also for people seeking to increase their energy who suffer from anemia or a lack of appetite.

Children over 4 years old take 1 15ml drink a day. Adults take 1 15ml drink 2 to 3 times a day. Digested orally. Contains yellow No. 5 and can cause an allergic reaction in hypersensitive people.

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