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Bioval Curaderma Ointment - Ungüento

Bioval Curaderma Ointment - Ungüento

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Bioval Curaderm Ointment is a special cream that contains glycoalkaloids derived from eggplant. This cream is very effective in removing blemishes, sunspots, keratoses, and even small basal cell carcinomas from the skin. Bioval Curaderm ointment contains urea and highly concentrated salicyclic acid in addition to glycoalkaloids. When applied to a lesion on the skin, this ointment first causes the lesion to redden, then to ulcerate and fall off. Healthy new cells grow back to replace the lesion. The ointment may cause irritation of skin around the lesion, and it is possible that some minor scarring will occur if it is used to treat a very large lesion. To use, wash the area well and dry it. Carefully apply the ointment to the lesion only- use gloves. Apply a small dressing or bandage over the ointment to keep the area moist and to keep the ointment from getting on clothing or hands. Apply twice a day; for more rapid lesion removal, apply up to 10 times per day. Do not use this ointment on moles or highly pigmented lesions.

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