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Broncolito Syrup 8 oz - Jarabe con Miel

Broncolito Syrup 8 oz - Jarabe con Miel

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Broncolito Syrup can help your children find quick relief from respiratory irritations such as coughs, excessive phlegm, and the symptoms of the common cold and flu. It's spring and the season where every pollen spore imaginable takes flight into the atmosphere. It's also the perfect time of year for adults and children to be weighed down by allergies. Broncolito Syrup contains ingredients such as propolis, pollen of flowers and eucalyptus extracts. The product provides easy-to-follow instructions with respect to dosage amounts and children's ages. It's not recommended for children less than a year old. Your pharmacist is always a helpful source of information if you have any questions. Children are going to be active, and being active means they'll play in the grass and frolic with animals and other children. While it's impossible to completely protect them against germs, it's always good to have a trusted cough syrup on hand to provide quick and effective relief when colds and allergies attack.

Recomendado para aliviar problemas respiratorios.

Es un coadyuvante en el tratamiento de la tos con flemas, que mejora los estados de bronquitis, amigdalitis, laringitis y faringitis debido a las propiedades antisépticas y fluidificantes del eucalipto y el gordolobo.

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