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BroncoMiel Syrup 8 oz - Jarabe con Miel

BroncoMiel Syrup 8 oz - Jarabe con Miel

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There are a few variations of BroncoMiel Syrup that can be purchased. You can get the syrup with honey or eucalyptus mixed in, giving you different benefits based on what kind of syrup you purchase. This is a syrup that helps in relieving coughs due to colds and allergies. You can also take the BroncoMiel Syrup to soothe sore throats. One of the benefits of the syrup is that if you aren't coughing through the day and night, you will be able to get the rest needed to heal the body. The syrup mixed with honey has a soothing effect with a sweet taste. If there is eucalyptus mixed in, it has a slightly menthol quality that helps to relieve congestion. This can help open the airway so that you can breathe easier. The syrup helps to loosen mucus in the chest, making it easier to expel anything that is built up in the chest area. Herbal extracts are also included in the syrup aside from the honey and eucalyptus.

Recomendado para aliviar problemas respiratorios.

Resfriado común.

Garganta irritada.

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