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Ketchup Campero Tomato Sauce 14 oz - Salsa de Tomate

Ketchup Campero Tomato Sauce 14 oz - Salsa de Tomate

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Ketchup Campero Tomato Sauce has a delicate flavor that is rich in tomato taste. There is a low fat content as well as a lower sodium content in the sauce. There are a few ways that you can use this ingredient with your meals. It can be the perfect condiment for your already favorite foods. Another way to use tomato sauce is as a base. This allows you to add other items to the sauce, such as peppers, onions, black pepper and spices. Once you get the base established, you can add other ingredients to make a complete meal. When you use Campero Tomato Sauce as a marinade you will be able to coat your favorite meats.

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