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Canels Gum Jar 300 Pcs - Chicles Tarro

Canels Gum Jar 300 Pcs - Chicles Tarro

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Canels Gum provides cognitive benefits. What that means is that people chew gum, often, for the pure enjoyment of having something to chew. When you really think about it, chewing gum might be the oral equivalent of watching a person run on a treadmill. They're in motion, but they haven't gone anywhere. The benefit is being in motion. People have chewed gum for thousands of years. Then, it may have been called resin, but the intent of sweetening the breath has always been the same. While Canels Gum hasn't been around that long, it's certainly a contender in the popularity department. According to science, gum can enhance mental performance without any harmful side effects. No one knows why, but it just seems to be a fact. A Canels jar of gum is a delight for both children and adults. Keep a jar handy. It's even a good icebreaker for conversations. Kids will certainly enjoy reaching in the jar to grab their favorite flavor.

Proporciona beneficios cognitivos.

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