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Escencias Castilla - Castilla

Castilla Cream Flavor Concentrate 8.6 fl oz - Esencia de Crema

Castilla Cream Flavor Concentrate 8.6 fl oz - Esencia de Crema

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Castilla Cream Flavor Concentrate has a variety of uses in the kitchen. It is often used as a base to create thicker sauces that can be used on desserts. The Castilla Cream Flavor Concentrate is made with natural ingredients. There are few additives in the concentrate to make it easier to add it to other items, such as chocolate or jams. One way to use the cream concentrate is by mixing it with an icing for a cake. Another option is to use the cream with a little powdered sugar to drizzle over cookies. It can also be used in pie fillings. You can use the concentrate to make ice cream or in a whipped cream to give a fresh taste. Vanilla extract added to the concentrate can give a delicate taste that is ideal for pairing with a cake or pumpkin pie. Another idea is to use the concentrate in banana pudding to give a creamy flavor that blends well with the wafers.

Alto rendimiento por su concentración. Mantiene su aroma y sabor.

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