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Escencias Castilla - Castilla

Castilla Grape Flavor Concentrate 8.6 fl oz - Esencia de Uva

Castilla Grape Flavor Concentrate 8.6 fl oz - Esencia de Uva

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Castilla Grape Flavor Concentrate adds a little refreshing flavor to your recipes. You can use it in foods or beverages. It's easier to add it to drinks as it will easily dissolve, but if you use it with foods, it's best to mix it with a little water so that it has a better flavor. Castilla Grape Flavor Concentrate is made of natural ingredients. Add it to a club soda or a seltzer for a bubbly beverage. Combine it with a cake batter for a delightful flavor that you likely won't get in a boxed cake mix. You can also combine the concentrate with a basic ice cream to give a delicious grape treat. Grape concentrate aids in digestive health and lowers cholesterol. You will find that this is an easy way to get a serving of fruit into your diet, and it's a tasty treat for children. The concentrate enhances the immune system while giving the body a boost of energy.

Alto rendimiento por su concentración. Mantiene su aroma y sabor.

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