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Escencias Castilla - Castilla

Castilla Yolk Concentrate 8.6 fl oz - Solucion de Yema

Castilla Yolk Concentrate 8.6 fl oz - Solucion de Yema

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Castilla Yolk Concentrate is a product that has fewer lipids and cholesterol than the egg itself. This product has a large amount of protein. There are a few things that you can make with the Castilla Yolk Concentrate, but it's best if you add other ingredients to get the best flavors and textures. Milk is something good to use if you want to make an omelet or a kind of custard. If you are making custard, then add a little bit of sugar and cinnamon to give the concentrate flavor. There isn't a lot of natural flavor in the concentrate, so you will need to add spices liberally as well as other ingredients that you use. Add a small amount of whipping cream to the yolk to make a rich meringue for a pie or cake. Thin the yolk to make a glaze for breads. This makes it easier to add other items on top of the bread as they will stick to the glaze.

Alto rendimiento por su concentración. Mantiene su aroma y sabor.

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