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Nestle Guatemala - Cerevita

Cerevita Corn Drink 10.58 oz - Atole de Maiz

Cerevita Corn Drink 10.58 oz - Atole de Maiz

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If you want to try an exciting liquid meal option that is delicious, nutritious, and out of the ordinary, try Cerevita Corn Drink. This unique corn based beverage has 12 vitamins and 5 minerals, making it a wise meal option for health conscious individuals. Not only is this beverage beneficial for your health, it is also filling, so it can help you to avoid hunger and temptation to snack between meals. Drinking a healthy and satisfying Cerevita Corn Drink is the perfect way to start your day right before heading off to work, school, or recreational activities. This mix is conveniently packaged and quick and easy to prepare, which makes it a great choice to take along with you when you are on the go. Simply bring the package of corn mix with you and prepare it when you reach your destination. Rather than having to take time to stop working or studying, you can prepare it and then drink it while you work. So next time you are looking for a quick, healthy meal option, consider this tasty beverage.

Es una bebida a base de cereal que contiene 12 vitaminas y 5 minerales.

Provee carbohidratos, fuente de energía para el ejercicio físico y las actividades cotidianas.

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