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Chili Spice Twists 6.3oz - Chiltepe Chips

Chili Spice Twists 6.3oz - Chiltepe Chips

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Tortrix Chiltepe Twists are hot and spicy chips with a nice chili pepper kick. They are crunchy and give your mouth a slow, but flavorful burn with every bite. These are for the spice enthusiast! The twist shape of the chips helps the spicy chili pepper flakes and seasoning stay on for a more powerful flavor than you would get with just an ordinary shaped chip. The design and ingredients make this chip one you don't want to pass up! Share Tortrix Chili twists with your friends, or keep them to yourself. The choice is yours; but if you love a little spice in your life, you will want Tortrix Chiltepe Twists.

Pica rico.

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