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Clorets Gum 60 x 2 units - Chicles

Clorets Gum 60 x 2 units - Chicles

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Clorets Gum has been around a long time keeping peoples breath fresh and clean. The mouth is one of the easiest places for germs to invade and multiply. When germs take a stronghold, the result is usually bad breath. Everyone experiences bad breath on occasion. Waking up is usually the worst time it hits. The result can be due to foods youve eaten, or the conditions in which youve slept. Clorets Gum offers a line of mints that contain Actizol, which is an ingredient that helps eliminate mouth odor. Clorets also contain chlorophyll, which is a green pigment held together by its magnesium atom. Magnesium helps to maintain the bodys nerve and muscle functions. Clorets is handy to have around simply for its taste alone. Its minty flavor can quickly give you the mental boost needed throughout the day.

Actúa como un ingrediente activo para eliminar los olores de la boca.

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