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De La Cruz - Purgasol

De La Cruz Purgasol Vegetable Laxative 60 Tabs - Laxante Vegetal

De La Cruz Purgasol Vegetable Laxative 60 Tabs - Laxante Vegetal

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De La Cruz Purgasol Vegetable Laxative Tabs is a product designed to gently treat occasional constipation. When used according to dosage instructions, the product generally results in a bowel movement in six to twelve hours. The active ingredients are senna concentrate and docusate sodium. Senna concentrate is a natural vegetable laxative, and docusate sodium is a chemical that is used in many laxatives. De La Cruz Vegetable Laxative is low in sodium and is sugar-free. The laxative may be used by individuals of all ages; however, you should consult a physician before administering the product to children under two years of age. Generally, take the laxative before bed, and do not use this laxative if you are taking mineral oil or other medications that may interact with docusate sodium. You should not take a laxative for more than one week or if you are already experiencing nausea, stomach pain, or vomiting. Pregnant or breast-feeding women should consult their doctors before using the laxative.

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