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De Mi Pais

De mi Pais Coconut Water 10.5 oz - Agua de Coco

De mi Pais Coconut Water 10.5 oz - Agua de Coco

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De Mi Pais Coconut Water is a naturally refreshing drink made from the extracted juice of the young and still green coconut. The water is slightly sweet tasting and light, especially when compared to coconut milk, which is thicker and is extracted from brown, fully matured coconuts. This water is easily compatible with all cuisines as it is neutral tasting. Coconut water is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, including the B vitamins. This water also has five essential electrolytes: calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and sodium. In fact, it contains twice the amount of potassium as a banana. Coconut water has long been used to strengthen the immune, digestive, circulation and urinary tract systems. It is especially beneficial to drink coconut water during warm weather as it hydrates and energizes the body rapidly by replenishing both lost fluid and essential electrolytes. This all-natural coconut water easily surpasses the typical sports drink both in taste and benefits. De Mi Pais Coconut Water is organic.

Agua de coco natural y refrescante.

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