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Del Frutal Mango Nectar 11.16 oz - Sabor Mango

Del Frutal Mango Nectar 11.16 oz - Sabor Mango

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Try Del Frutal Mango Nectar for a refreshingly different beverage experience. This delicious juice drink is satisfying and full of real mango flavor. If refrigerated, this beverage provides the perfect thirst-quenching refreshment on a hot afternoon. Del Frutal Mango Nectar contains the satisfying goodness and nutrition of real fruit juice, as well as other high quality ingredients. Another delicious use for this tasty beverage is as a base ingredient in mango, mixed fruit, or tropical fruit smoothies. You can experiment to find just the right flavor combinations to add to your smoothie that will compliment and enhance this refreshing beverage. Simply fill your blender with the desired amount of ice cubes and then pour your desired amount of mango nectar into the blender. Then blend them together until you create the desired consistency for your perfect fruit flavored smoothie. If you like fresh fruit smoothies, consider adding fresh cut up mangoes, bananas, or other fruits to create your own special smoothie blend. Whether by itself or as part of a refreshing smoothie, this unique fruit drink is satisfying and delicious.

Estan hechos con base concentrado de frutas 100% naturales de la mas alta calidad y gran sabor.

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