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Del Frutal Mango Nectar 6.76 oz 3-Pack - Sabor Mango

Del Frutal Mango Nectar 6.76 oz 3-Pack - Sabor Mango

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Now you can enjoy the delicious goodness of a mango fruit flavored juice drink while you are on the go by purchasing Del Frutal Mango Nectar. This easily portable version of Del Frutal's mango beverage is sold together in packets of four individual sized drink boxes. These delicious and nutritious beverages are made from real fruit pulp and contain delicious fruit juice as well as other high quality ingredients. Rather than having to find your own thermos or carry a large can or bottle with you to work or school, simply take one of the disposable individual serving sized boxes of this delicious nectar and place it in your lunch box or cooler. Then, when it's time for your lunch or snack break, you will have your Del Frutal 3-pack Mango Nectar with you and ready to drink anytime, anywhere. This delicious fruit drink is a perfect solution for kid's school lunches or conveniently providing refreshments for a picnic or other large gathering. Try this conveniently packaged and delicious drink at your home or for your next social event.

Están hechos con base concentrado de frutas 100% naturales de la mas alta calidad y gran sabor.

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