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Del Frutal Pineapple Nectar 11.16 oz - Sabor Piña

Del Frutal Pineapple Nectar 11.16 oz - Sabor Piña

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Del Frutal Pineapple Nectar has all the essential ingredients to be found in nature�s pineapples. Along with a sweet, delicious flavor, pineapples are rich in vitamin C and Potassium and other important minerals. Pouring a glass of Del Frutal Pineapple Nectar is a great way to start out each day. Along with its essential vitamins, it tastes good. It�s also an energy booster and can supplement meals or be used as a snack in between. Pineapple nectar is a favorite for both adults or kids. Take your pineapple nectar to work, on workouts, or simply keep it handy for when you feel the urge for a satisfying and refreshing tropical drink.

Estan hechos con base concentrado de frutas 100% naturales de la mas alta calidad y gran sabor.

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