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Del Frutal Pineapple Nectar 6.76 oz 3-Pack - Sabor Pina

Del Frutal Pineapple Nectar 6.76 oz 3-Pack - Sabor Pina

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Non-carbonated fruit juices such as Del Frutal Pineapple Nectar are at the top of the list when it comes to making a healthy beverage choice. These nectars are extracted from 100% pure and delicious fruits with the addition of vitamin C. Del Frutal nectars contain no artificial colors or preservatives and thanks to the abundant nutrient content in the nectar it makes a perfect snack or meal accompaniment. All of Del Frutal's nectars are subjected to a pasteurization process which gives the product a 14 month, or until opened, shelf-life. So, stock up and make sure that you and your family always have plenty of this delicious, healthy beverage option on hand. Del Frutal 3-pack Pineapple Nectar makes a quick and easy lunchbox option too.

Están hechos con base concentrado de frutas 100% naturales de la mas alta calidad y gran sabor.

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