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Diana Caramel Corn 0.67 oz (Dozen) - Alboroto

Diana Caramel Corn 0.67 oz (Dozen) - Alboroto

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Prodiana Caramel Corn Snack is a sweet treat that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It is ideal for parties.. The Caramel Corn Snack has a sweet taste and a slight crunch. You can add items to the popcorn snack in order to create new recipes. Colored candies will give a fun treat, or you can add slivers of almonds and other nuts for more protein. This is a decadent treat instead of eating potato chips all the time. The small bags are ideal for sending with children to school for the middle of the day. The snack is made with puffed corn to give a better texture. This is not a sticky snack as the caramel coats the corn in a thin layer instead of being caked on, allowing for ease while eating with your fingers.

Deliciosos caramelos de maíz.

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