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Diana Cheesteen 0.31 oz (Dozen) - Quesitos

Diana Cheesteen 0.31 oz (Dozen) - Quesitos

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Cheesteen Snack is a crunchy treat that you can enjoy any time of the day. The snack has more of a baked taste and consistency than what you would find in a fried snack. There is a strong cheese taste, but it's not overwhelming. Cheesteen Snack is a puff, making it a food that is easy to eat instead of something that is hard. The product is similar to that of a cheese curl. You will find that there might be some clumps of cheese on the snacks. Red pepper is used as an ingredient to give a slight spice to the snack.

Deliciosos palitos de maíz bañados con queso importado de alta calidad.

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