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Diana Corn Curl 0.5 oz (Dozen) - Churritos

Diana Corn Curl 0.5 oz (Dozen) - Churritos

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Prodiana Corn Curl Snack is a unique and flavorful alternative to ordinary chips, pretzels and other conventional snacks. If your taste buds are craving a puffed corn sensation that is crunchy and totally unique, these would be a great choice. With a blend of high quality ingredients, these corn curl snacks have a slightly sweet yet also slightly cheesy flavor. Prodiana Corn Curl Snack would be a fun and different way to liven up your favorite snack mix. These corn curls would make a great addition to a packed lunch for school or work. You can enjoy these versatile snacks at home or when you are on the go. You can serve them as a distinctive snack option at your next barbecue, picnic, or family gathering. Adults and children alike enjoy the crunchy goodness of these corn curl snacks. When you are looking for a new snack, consider these tasty corn curls. They are likely to become a favorite snack for the whole family.

Exquisitos churritos de maíz inflado con inigualable sabor a queso. ¡El favorito de todos los tiempos!

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