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Diana Cornbits 0.49 oz (Dozen) - Elotitos

Diana Cornbits 0.49 oz (Dozen) - Elotitos

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Cornbits Snack as a delicious and distinctive snack alternative. These toasted corn snacks are crunchy and bursting with interesting flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. The real corn taste is balanced out with the perfect blend of high quality spices and ingredients to give this unique snack a taste that is like nothing else. So next time you are asked to bring a snack for your child's classroom at school or for a company party or picnic, why not consider bringing Cornbits Snack? Adults and children alike seem to truly enjoy the crunchy texture of these refreshingly different snacks. Whether you are having a barbecue, picnic, or other gathering, this tasty corn snack is the perfect side dish. It goes especially well with southwestern main dishes. You can enjoy this versatile snack at home or bring it along with you when you are snacking on the go. These unique cornbits are likely to become a favorite for the whole family.

Crujientes granitos de maíz condimentado con increíble sabor barbacoa.

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