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Diana Cornbits Hot 0.49 oz (Dozen) - Elotitos con Piquete

Diana Cornbits Hot 0.49 oz (Dozen) - Elotitos con Piquete

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Prodiana Cornbits Hot Snack is a delicious and satisfying alternative to ordinary chips, pretzels or other conventional snacks. Unlike many other spicy snacks, these hot cornbits have just a mild hint of spice, so they will not overwhelm your taste buds. They are mild enough for children and adults alike to enjoy. You can enjoy these versatile hot toasted cornbits at home or when you are on the go. They make a great addition to your child's packed lunch for school. The are a great snack alternative to consider at your next barbecue, picnic, or special gathering. Consider bringing them for your child's next class party at school. Your child's classmates will probably be impressed by their crunchy texture and mildly spicy flavor. These cornbits are made with high quality ingredients and just the right blend of spices. They are likely to become a favorite snack for the whole family.

Granitos de maíz sazonados con una increíble combinación de Salsa, chile y queso.

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