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Diana Hot Curl 0.35 oz (Dozen) - Maiz Chino

Diana Hot Curl 0.35 oz (Dozen) - Maiz Chino

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Hot Curl Snack is a tasty, mildly spicy cheese curl snack that can be enjoyed without feeling overwhelmed by spice. The problem with many other spicy snacks is that the spice is way too hot and overpowers the other flavors contained in the snack. These cheese curls are refreshingly mild in their level of spice. Prodiana Hot Curl Snack can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. It is a light, cheesy snack that can be enjoyed at home or while you are on the go. These snacks are the perfect addition to school lunches. They are a great choice to bring to parties at work or in your child's classroom at school. Consider bringing them to your next special occasion or family function. They are smaller in size than many of the other cheese curls on the market, which makes them bite sized and easy to eat. They are crunchy with a hint of chewiness. This versatile cheese curls make the perfect addition to snack mixes. They are likely to become a favorite choice for the whole family.

Divertido maíz inflado sabor barbacoa y chile picante.

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