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Diana Nachos 0.8 oz (Dozen) - Nachos

Diana Nachos 0.8 oz (Dozen) - Nachos

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Nacho Snacks have just the right amount of cheese flavor to give you a delicious treat. There is a nice crunch to the chips, and there isn't as much sodium as you might think. Much of the flavor from the chips comes from the nacho cheese flavoring. These are ideal for taking to work or school, and they make wonderful treats for taking in the car when you go on a long trip. Prodiana Nacho Snacks have a baked quality instead of being greasy like a potato chip. You can eat the chips alone, or you can use them in a few different recipes. One way that you can enjoy the snacks is by dipping them into a ranch or onion dip. You can also crush the snacks into smaller pieces so that they can be used as a base for a taco pie or casserole. Large pieces can be used as a layer in a salad. You can also use larger pieces with melted cheese and refried beans on top.

Tortillitas de maíz con sabor a una exquisita combinación de quesos importados de alta calidad.

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