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Diana Peanuts 1.13 oz (Dozen) - Diana Manias

Diana Peanuts 1.13 oz (Dozen) - Diana Manias

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Japanese Peanuts are a snack food that is high in protein. You can enjoy the peanuts plain, of you can add them to some recipes for a delicious crunch. If you have a food chopper, you can crush the Japanese Peanuts to make a butter that has small bits of nuts in it, making a treat that is healthy as you know what's in the recipe. Add the peanuts to a bowl of ice cream with other toppings for a sundae. Chop them to add to a cake batter or cookie dough. You can roast the peanuts for a gentle toasted flavor, or you can simply eat them from the shell. The nuts have just a small amount of soy sauce on the outside to give a sweet flavor, and the outside shell is made with wheat flour. They are ideal for serving at a special event, like a shower or birthday party. The peanuts are delicious with a small amount of lemon or lime juice.

Maní naturalmente delicioso horneado y saborizado con un toque de salsa soya que le dá un sabor oriental!

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