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Diclofenaco Antiflamatory 10x10 Tabs - Antiflamatorio en Tabletas

Diclofenaco Antiflamatory 10x10 Tabs - Antiflamatorio en Tabletas

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Diclofenaco Anti-inflammatory is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine. It is used to treat mild aches and pains. It is also commonly used to treat pain associated with arthritis, and for menstrual cramps. It can be helpful for treating migraine headaches. It has some anti-bacterial properties and is quite effective in treating urinary tract infections. Diclofenaco Anti-inflammatory has a mechanism of action that is very similar to ibuprofen and aspirin. It also has similar side effects. It can cause stomach ulcers, and it can increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Pregnant women should not take diclofenac because it can harm the unborn baby, particularly if taken during the last trimester. This medication is for adults only and should only be given to a child if a doctor specifically prescribes it. The usual dose to treat menstrual cramps or arthritis pain is 50 milligrams three times a day. Take this medication with food or milk to help avoid stomach upset.

Alivia síntomas de artritis y enfermedades relacionadas con las extremidades, disminuir dolores menstruales, aliviar esguinces, lumbalgias, cólicos nefríticos, torceduras, tendinitis y otras condiciones musculares.

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