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DLC Gentian Violet 1 oz - Toques de Violeta

DLC Gentian Violet 1 oz - Toques de Violeta

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DLC Genetian Violet antiseptic is an effective topical treatment for cuts, scrapes, skin burns and minor abrasions. This treatment may also be utilized to treat oral infections when advised by a physician. The main ingredient in this topical solution is Genetian violet, an antiseptic dye that has been shown to eradicate fungus and provide mild antibacterial effects that may also help to prevent the spread of infection. This treatment also contains purified water and alcohol that work to cleanse the skin and eradicate bacteria. To use, clean the affected area with soap and water. Pat the skin dry and apply the solution with a small cotton cloth or cotton tipped swab. It is important to avoid applying the solution to the surrounding skin, as this may cause staining. A bandage or cotton dressing can also be placed over the injury to protect the skin. DLC Genetian Violet antiseptic can also be applied to fungal infections of the feet such as ringworm or athlete's foot.

Antiséptico de primeros auxilios para ayudar a prevenir la infección en menor gravedad:cortes, raspaduras, quemaduras.

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