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DLC Merthodol 1 oz - Merthiolate

DLC Merthodol 1 oz - Merthiolate

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DLC Merthodol is sometimes called tincture of merthiolate. It is an excellent addition to any first-aid kit. It is a powerful disinfectant that can prevent infections when applied promptly to minor cuts, burns, and abrasions. DLC Merthodol is a bright-red liquid that is painless to apply to cuts with no unpleasant stinging sensation. It contains benzalkonium chloride, a potent antiseptic that is active against all types of bacteria. Despite the name of the product, it does not contain mercury or thiomersal and will not cause mercury poisoning. Benzalkonium chloride is widely used as a preservative and antiseptic in many products, and is considered to be very safe when used as directed. Rare individuals who are allergic to benzalkonium chloride should not use this product. Do not take internally; for topical use only. Do not apply to the eyes, the mouth, or the lips because it can cause severe irritation to these delicate tissues. Do not apply to large areas of the body. For minor cuts and injuries only.

First Aid for treatment of Minor Cuts.


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