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De La Cruz

DLC Quita Colicos Drops - Gotas 1 oz

DLC Quita Colicos Drops - Gotas 1 oz

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DLC Quita Colicos Drops help to relieve infant gas or colic that may result from your baby swallowing too much air while nursing or from a sensitivity to certain food or baby formula. Gas often results in a baby's sudden crying after eating or after a diaper change, tense legs and feet, an arched back, a bloated stomach, or excessive spitting up. The active ingredient in DLC Quita Colicos Drops is simethicone, which helps relieve infant gas pains by breaking down the gas bubbles that form in the infant's stomach. The product is not absorbed into the baby's system. The drops are sugar-free, saccharin-free, and alcohol-free. Product may be administered after meals and at bed time as needed or as directed by your physician. Dosage should not exceed twelve doses per day. The drops can be mixed with infant formula or other liquid in order to make them more acceptable to the infant. The product should be stored at room temperature.

Protege la piel irritada debido al sarpullido del pañal y ayuda a sellar la humedad.

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